Benefit Concert – Each year Civitan engages the Hendersonville Swing Band to perform a benefit concert at the Hendersonville High School. After paying the band a nominal fee, paying rental on the auditorium and covering some printing and copying costs, the remainder of the revenue from the concert goes to the Civitan Foundation of Hendersonville as does the net revenue from all fund raising projects. Each Civitan member is called upon to sell tickets to this concert. Other pre-concert responsibilities covered by a few volunteers involve making arrangements with the band and High School, designing and having tickets and flyers printed, handing the distribution of flyers, providing and monitoring the sales of tickets to ticket outlets in Hendersonville, arranging for the required publicity for the concert and maintaining records of ticket sales by members and others. On the day of the concert, Civitans are required to sell and take tickets and provide ushering services.

Candy Box Sales – The Candy Box Project became a project of Civitan International in 1976. Civitan volunteers place and service candy boxes that are located in businesses throughout the county. The starlight mints (currently obtained from Sam’s Club) placed in these boxes are then available to the business’s employees and customers at no cost. There is a section of the box for contributions as well as an attractive card describing how money collected is used. Our Civitan Club retains 25% of the gross revenue from each box that is used to help local people with developmental and physical disabilities. The rest is sent to Civitan International to pay the direct expenses of candy, boxes and shipping. All remaining money helps support the one million dollar per year commitment to the Civitan International Research Center where researchers seek answers to the causes, treatments and prevention of mental retardation and other developmental disabilities. It should be obvious that the amount of funds raised by this project is directly proportional to the number of members involved in placing and servicing these boxes and the number of boxes placed.

Claxton Fruit Cake Sales – Currently this project raises the most money for our club. By the same token, it involves almost all the members. Civitan Clubs have been selling Claxton Fruit Cake since 1952. In many peoples’ minds, Civitan and Fruit Cake are synonymous. Each fall, an order is placed with Claxton for approximately 5,000 pounds of fruit cake which is then delivered to the club’s warehouse, a space generously donated by the Shipmans, in late October. Members are needed to man the warehouse, to deliver fruit cake and monitor the sales to supermarkets, banks and other outlets and to then bill these businesses in December or January. Civitans also check out Claxton Cakes on consignment and sell them to their friends and neighbors. In addition to these efforts, Civitan members sell approximately one-third of the Claxton Fruit Cakes to the shopping public outside the doors of Wal-Mart during 14 days of the holiday season. Since this project takes place over such a short period of time, a great deal of effort goes into planning, scheduling and supervising the various phases of the activity.

Golf Tournament – The initial Civitan Golf Tournament was held in 2003 making it the newest club fund raising project. The tournament committee must first locate a venue for the tournament and set the date. The effort then turns to finding hole sponsors and preparing the sponsorship signs, arranging for the donation of items to be given as prizes, organizing the post-tournament meal and recruiting players for the tournament. During this period there is a continual need to obtain needed publicity for the tournament. On tournament day, volunteers are needed to handle player check-in and orientation, monitoring of a hole-in-one contest, collection of entry fees, score recording and presentation of prizes. There is also a need on the day to prepare for post-tournament publicity including recognition of the winners and Civitan’s use of the proceeds for charitable purposes. This project is currently on hold.

Pancake Breakfast – This breakfast is held each year in the Christian Life Center of the First United Methodist Church. As with the Benefit Concert, all club members are involved with the sale of tickets for this breakfast. Over half of the club’s membership is involved directly in preparing for and serving the breakfast. Prior to the date of the breakfast, Civitans must procure the food and handle the publicity necessary for assuring a large turnout. On breakfast day, club members and spouses direct parking, greet customers, cook and serve the food, bus the tables, handle the dish washing and help with clean-up of the hall. Civitan is assisted in the cooking and dish washing by personnel from the Methodist Church and in the serving and busing of tables by a group of girl volunteers from East Henderson High School.

Apple Festival Parking – During the September three day festival parking is provided by our Civitan Club for a fee.  We use the underground parking lot at the First Citizens Bank at 6th and Church Street.