Standing Committees
Attendance/Calling – The members of this committee are required to canvass the entire membership by phone before each Civitan meeting to determine the number who will attend. Occasionally they are required to relay information about special meetings or meeting changes. Each committee member is required to make about 6 to 8 calls twice a month. The results of the survey are passed to the committee chairman who gives the total number to the Chariot.

Awards – This committee is responsible for selecting the recipients for the Citizen of the Year, Civitan of the Year and any other special awards requested by the Club President and/or the Club Board of Directors. They are responsible for obtaining or preparing the necessary certificates or plaques. They also plan and participate in the awards program held the last meeting in September each year.

Civi-News – This activity is currently covered by a single Editor, but could be expanded to include other members. The Civi-News is published and distributed once a month, usually before the first meeting of the month. The Editor must have the computer capability to prepare the issue in a concise and understandable manner, assure that there is input each month from the officers and committee or activity chairs and then distribute both the hard copies and the electronically transmitted copies in a timely manner.

Directory – As per the Civi-News, one person currently carries out this job. The Club Directory is a 30-35 page booklet that is revised and reprinted each year. It contains the names of the Officers, Directors, and Foundation Trustees as well as the names of all Committee and Project Chairs. Names and addresses of selected District and International Officers are also shown. One page is dedicated to listing important meeting dates throughout the years for the Club, the Civitan Area, Civitan District and for Civitan International. The remainder of the Directory is made up of names, pictures, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each member. All this information is compiled on the computer and taken to the printer so that the booklet can be given to each member at the first meeting in October.

Electronic Communication – This is a fairly recent addition to club activities resulting in the need for this committee to continually work with club officers and committee heads to support and advance the use of electronic communication where it may be beneficial to the club. Currently this committee chairman is responsible for editing and updating the club’s web pages (, ensuring that the web page host is paid each year, and keeping a list of e-mail addresses of members to be used for rapid bulk communication.

Fellowship – This committee is called upon to meet and greet those persons attending a Civitan meeting for the first time. This same courtesy should follow any other visits prior to an individual becoming a member. The committee is also responsible for encouraging club fellowship time before and after each meeting and specifically to make certain that new members become acquainted with other members and meeting procedures. The group is also responsible for being aware of the sickness or death of Civitan members or their family and to provide for cards to be sent as well as phone calls or visits where appropriate.

Growth and Education – This committee coordinates planning and implementation of the club’s ongoing program for membership recruitment and member retention. It, with the Fellowship Committee, is responsible for welcoming guests, providing current informational material, coordinating membership applications and the new member initiation process. The committee also provides a program for new member orientation and education, which includes club history, traditions and activities. Information concerning the history and projects of Civitan International, NC District West and Area I West is also provided.

Historian – This has traditionally been the assignment of one member. This person is to gather and maintain in orderly fashion information and records pertaining to the activities and membership of the club through the nearly 50 years of its existence. The Club Secretary keeps certain procedural documents and the Club Treasurer keeps financial records leaving the Historian to organize copies of Club Directories, Civi-News, newspaper articles, significant correspondence, etc. The Historian also maintains a scrapbook that can be displayed at club meetings, recruiting opportunities and club socials.

Program/Entertainment – Members of this committee are called upon to provide programs for Civitan meetings throughout the year that are informative, educational and relevant as well as entertaining. This is one of the most important jobs in the club since dull or boring programs at meetings will eventually result in poor attendance and reduction in membership. Most of the effort of the committee deals with making initial contact and then following up with program presenters or speakers. For special meetings or social functions, this committee may be required to arrange musical or other types of entertainment rather than a speaker.

Publicity – This committee is to provide the necessary publicity in both the local media and in the various Civitan publications concerning club projects and activities. The aim is make area residents aware of Civitan and its contribution to the well being of the community and also to receive recognition from other Civitans for the accomplishments of the Hendersonville Club. This committee must impress upon each project and committee chairperson the need for publicity and then to work with them to gather the information needed for publicity purposes.