Charitable Activity/Agency Coordinators

With the exception of the Citizenship Awards and Scholarship Awards Committee, each of the following coordination responsibilities is assigned to a single member. Currently each of these charitable agencies or activities receives financial support from the Civitan Club of Hendersonville. It is the function of the coordinator to periodically contact these agencies to obtain an assessment of their needs and how effectively the support of the club is being utilized. Each year the coordinator is called upon to prepare a budget proposal to be submitted to the Trustees of the Civitan Foundation of Hendersonville to be included in the yearly budget for charitable giving. After budget approval, the coordinator arranges for the donation to be given to the agency at an appropriate time and works with the Club Publicity Committee to obtain suitable media coverage of the event.

Citizenship Awards – The same committee that administers the Scholarship Awards coordinates these awards. A Citizenship Award consisting of $50 and a certificate is given to a Sophomore at each of the four public high schools. This committee prepares and distributes the guidelines for this award but does not select the recipients; they are selected by the student’s peers.

Duke Research Center – The Duke Research Center is now referred to as the Child Development Unit (CDU), a branch of the Duke Medical Center’s Department of Pediatrics. It is located in the Civitan Building on the Duke University Campus. The CDU is a multidisciplinary research and clinical unit serving children with autism, behavioral/learning problems, attention deficit disorder, mental retardation genetic disorders and various other developmental problems. The CDU also functions as a training site for medical residents and fellows in Development Pediatrics and for other students in North Carolina Universities. The unit’s research focuses on early intervention and the prevention, identification and treatment of developmental difficulties and learning problems.

International Research Center – The Civitan International Research Center is housed in a six-level building located on the medical center campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to improving lives through brain research and treatment of developmental difficulties. It pursues research on the central nervous system by focusing on the overall development of a child’s mind and forming a continuum from the laboratory to the clinic to the home and the community. The Civitan International Foundation, which is supported by Civitan Clubs throughout the world, has made a long-term commitment to raise $20 million to support the work of the Research Center.

NC Boys and Girls Homes – The Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina are located at Lake Waccamaw, NC. The purpose of this facility is to assist youths ages 9-18 who have had social and emotional problems. The children are integrated into a family structure and with the help of a skilled staff and other caring individuals are preparing to live a normal, productive life. In 1958, when the first cottage opened its doors, it bore the Civitan name. Civitan has continued to insure in perpetuity the future of the Civitan Cottage and the future of the children who call this cottage their home.

Scholarship Awards – The Hendersonville Civitan Club over the past several years has awarded four scholarships of $2,000 each year to graduating High School Seniors. The committee assigns one of its members to each of the local High Schools. This member maintains a liaison with the school counselor and, through them, obtains applications for scholarships. This committee then selects the scholarship winners, introduces all the candidates at a club meeting and announces the recipients. Members of this committee are also called upon to present the Scholarships and the Citizenship Awards during assembly programs at the various schools.

Victory Junction Gang Camp – This is the newest activity supported financially by the Hendersonville Civitan Club. In August of 2003, our District, NC District West, voted to support Victory Junction Gang Camp by sponsoring one of the cabins at the camp. $250,000 was pledged to be paid at $50,000 a year for five years. The camp, located in Randleman, NC, was co-founded by Pattie and Kyle Petty with Paul Newman and the Hole In The Wall Camps. Its mission is to enrich the lives of children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses by creating camping experiences that are memorable, exciting, fun, empowering, physically safe and medically sound. The camp will allow these children to experience the full range of fun and pleasure the “healthy” kids might experience at summer camp. The camp will have pediatric specialty doctors, nurses and a fully equipped medical center available 24 hours a day.