Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Mondays at the Chariot at 11:30. Below are the known speakers and events. Please join us as a guest for a free lunch and great program.

February 26: Clergy Recognition Day (

Invite your Minister, Rabbi, Priest or Spiritual Leader to show your appreciation for their work in your congregation and community. Clergy Appreciation Week is a significant event throughout North America. Held each year on the week of February 3, this event shows appreciation to the clergy of all faiths. Clergy Appreciation Week aims to promote world brotherhood and religious understanding among all people, regardless of religious persuasion. It is a time to reflect on our individual religious beliefs and to promote an understanding and acceptance of the rights of others to participate in a religion different from our own.

March 12: “Why Greenways”: Friends of Oklawaha Parkway ( Suzanne Hale and Katie Breckheimer

March 26: Friendship Force Western North Carolina ( Bill Hogan and Karen McDonald

April 9:  TBD

April 23:  Scholarship Awards